The 2 best things I've invested in for my business

Hey hey!

These two things have saved ma life and I use them pretty much everyday:

My iPad Pro

Ok so my iPad Pro is the absolute back bone of my business; almost every single drawing I sell on etsy is originally a digital drawing I made on this tablet. I invested in my iPad last January, and since then I have barely used traditional drawing methods. I use Procreate which is the most incredible app ever, I prefer it endlessly over Photoshop and when you compare its £10 price tag to Photoshop's £240 annual subscription fee, there's no competition. Having said that, I also rely on an old version of Photoshop on my laptop, because there are a couple of things that are just more convenient to do on a desktop, such as rescaling for print companies and uploading to certain websites. I get a lot of messages asking about my preference for digital/traditional art and whether an iPad is worth the money. The simple answer is that in terms of my business, digital art created on my iPad with the Apple Pencil is working out great for me. But, I wouldn't advise anyone to purchase one with the hopes of it kickstarting your career. I bought my first (and only other) drawing tablet around 8 years ago: a Wacom Bamboo. This seems to be a similar updated version of it, it cost me around £50 at the time. The tablet connects to your computer and has no screen, so a drawing application is necessary (eg. Photoshop, Clip Studio Paint etc). The price is amazing, and it gets the job done, and most importantly it can help you get to grips with whether or not digital painting is the route you want to take. My Juno art print was drawn using my Wacom tablet - so it is possible to achieve a similar result using a cheap tablet.

If you decide that digital drawing is something you want to seriously pursue, then I can't recommend the iPad enough. Whilst it is pricey, it is still considerably cheaper than many pro drawing tablets on the market. This is the version I have, along with the Apple Pencil, it is slightly cheaper now as it has been replaced with a newer model.

(also u can play tetris on it, which is all we truly need from a drawing tablet)

DYMO Labelwriter XL

I have to say, I wasn't entirely thrilled at the idea of spending my savings on something that prints shipping labels and shipping labels alone, but making this investment is one of the best decisions I have made. Before I bought this in May I printed every single shipping label and customs forms out onto A4 paper, two labels a sheet and manually cut and glue sticked them onto envelopes. It was the most time consuming and soul destroying part of my day and left me with soooo much paper to recycle and so much glue, everywhere. Not to be Kim Kardashian losing-her-earring-in-the-sea levels of dramatic but this lil printer has CHANGED MY LIFE. If you are sending out enough orders, a label printer honestly saves hours of time every shipment day. This is the printer I have and it uses thermal printing so you never have to buy ink. Realistically, adding up the cost of the printer alongside the rolls of labels I have to buy regularly it would definitely be cheaper for me to still print labels manually. But the extra cost is 100% worth the extra time it allows me to do other things.

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